Casino Bonuses

If there is one thing almost all online casino players like to see, it's a welcome mix of casino bonuses. There are many distinct kinds, and they are unique to online casinos.

It's worth learning about them before you begin your exploration though, as there are lots of them out there. We'll cover everything you need to know in this report, so make sure you're ready to read more today.

Where can you find the best casino bonuses?

The best starting point for anyone looking for a casino bonus is at the casino you want to join. Most sites offer a bonus or promotions page, accessed from the main menu. Once there, you can read about the latest promotions and see how many an individual casino can offer.

Be aware that some casinos offer way more than others. We have noticed that some only have a welcome bonus. Others have daily or weekly bonuses, welcome deals, specific banking method deposit deals, and even exclusives. You can also check back with us whenever you wish, as we have access to codes you may not always be able to find anywhere else.

Just another reason to revisit us, don't you think?

Let's move on now and discover the various bonuses you might see at any online casino. Remember that no casino is likely to have all of these, although the mix can change at any time.

Welcome bonuses and packages

The best welcome bonus you can find is the no deposit bonus. This is usually worth a small amount like $20 for example, or the equivalent in a different currency if applicable. You get this deal simply by opening your account with the relevant casino. You may sometimes need to enter a bonus code for the no deposit offer, but this doesn't always happen. Look for a code first though just in case you do need to use one.

Free funds aren't the only possibility here. Some sites offer a no deposit free chip, while others offer free spins. Compare casinos to find out what's available and choose the one that appeals most.

Following on from that, many casinos have a welcome bonus or package. A welcome bonus usually gives the player a percentage bonus on their first deposit. A package should cover two or more deposit bonuses, sometimes offering different percentages on each one. You might also receive a free chip or free spins on top of this in some of the better deals.

The best point to remember with the welcome packages is that you will always need a minimum deposit to unlock the bonus. Again, check to make sure you are using a bonus code if you need one. If not, the minimum deposit amount is enough to unlock the deal.

As for deposit percentage bonuses, most welcome packages offer at least 100% on a deposit, although we have occasionally seen some casinos offering slightly less. Many sites offer a lot more though, with the highest we've seen topping out at 500%. If a welcome package covers more than one deposit, it is quite common to see varying percentages on each deposit.

Free spin offers and packages

Free spins come on their own or as part of a package. For example, we've seen casinos offering a welcome deal with free spins included. We've also seen various daily and weekly deals offering a deposit boost along with some free spins.

If you see new games listed at a casino, look for free spin offers designed to help promote those games. This means you'll only be able to play those spins on a named game, rather than using them on any game you like. However, they are still a great way to learn more about a new slot to see whether you'd like to play the paid version with your own casino budget.

Whenever you spot free spins, see what the value of each spin is. It could be the minimum playable amount per spin, but it can vary, so don't take that for granted. There might also be a ceiling on the amount you could win in prize money from these spins. Details like these are going to be in the terms and conditions for the offer.

Reload bonuses

These traditionally come after you have exhausted the welcome package. You can then deposit using a reload offer, thereby 'reloading' your casino account with more playable funds.

The percentages offered on these are generally lower than you'd see with the welcome package. We have seen many sites offering a 50% reload bonus, for example. Again, check the details before depositing and using any bonus, so you know what to expect when you claim it.

High roller bonuses

These are cool if you often deposit larger amounts at a casino. Some sites offer more generous deals for those depositing such amounts. The deposit requirements vary from one site to another, and some casinos don't offer high roller bonuses at all.

It's a good idea, then, to consider whether these might apply to you before you join a casino. If you know you're going to deposit larger sums less regularly, rather than more frequent and smaller sums, look for high roller bonuses to beef up each deposit.

Make sure you read all the bonus terms

We don't just mean reading them the first time you claim a bonus from a casino, either. You can never assume the bonus terms are going to be identical for each bonus, as this is rarely the case. We prefer casinos with clear bonus terms, rather than those using small print that is difficult to read. Clear instructions on how to use the bonus, along with wagering requirements and limitations, are vital.

Most casinos will attach wagering requirements to any bonuses they release. This means you'll need to meet those terms whenever you claim a bonus. The most common way you'll see them displayed is as a multiplier.

So, let's say you want to claim a 100% bonus on a deposit of $20. That bonus carries with it wagering requirements of 25x. This means you need to wager the deposit 25 times before you can cash out anything you manage to win using those funds. Some casinos ask you to wager the deposit plus the bonus, which is obviously a much bigger amount. Do your sums before claiming anything and make sure you understand what is asked of you.

If you attempt to withdraw any funds before meeting the terms of the bonus, it will usually become void.

Sticky or not?

Hang on - have we gotten into another topic entirely here? No - casino bonuses come in many varieties, as we've seen. Some of these bonuses are called sticky bonuses, and there's a good reason for that.

A sticky bonus is one that stays with the casino. You'll see it in your account and you can play with it, but when you come to withdraw funds, the casino removes the value of the bonus from your balance. You then receive the remaining amount. The bonus terms should tell you whether your bonus is sticky or not.

Can you claim the bonuses you want?

Most casinos have limitations on use. These depend on the licenses each casino has and which countries they'll allow to visit and use their site.

Even if you can visit a casino and look around online, don't assume you can sign up and use it. Always check - not all casinos have geo-blocking software in place to prevent people visiting from prohibited countries.

In other cases, we've noticed that some casinos welcome people from certain countries, yet do not allow them to claim any bonuses. It's an odd situation, but you might come across this, so be ready for it.

Final pointers to think about with online casino bonuses

Always read the details for each individual bonus. We cannot stress this enough. Never assume a bonus works in a certain way. You must make sure you can claim it and use it within the terms stated. A common example is for a bonus to have a limited time to be fulfilled within. If you cannot complete those terms, it's not worth claiming the bonus.

You also need to make sure you claim casino bonuses from trustworthy casinos. Look for ones with a track record - and a positive one at that. Make sure they have a valid license to operate in your part of the world too.

Finally, remember that a casino is going to put limitations on all their bonuses. If they lost money offering them, we wouldn't have any online casinos. That said, if you can squeeze the most out of the best casino bonuses, you can still enjoy being in prime position to grab some excellent deals.