The Importance of Customer Support at Online Casinos

When you're looking for a casino with a great deposit bonus, you'd be wise to have a think about the customer support options it offers as well. Great customer service is the bedrock of any business, and casinos are no exception.

Online casino sites can be hugely busy operations. No matter how experienced or efficient they are, even the best sites will sometimes have glitches or mistakes. That's understandable - as long as they have the support available to fix any issues quickly and without hassle!

So, what does top online casino customer support look like? In this guide we'll lead you through:

  • The kinds of customer support you should find
  • Which online casino support options are the most important
  • When you should use each one
  • Tips for an efficient customer support experience

Let's get into it!

FAQs and Other Information

It might seem a bit odd we have put this first, but as experts with a lot of experience looking at online casinos - we can tell you that the best customer support starts by providing adequate information.

If you have to contact casino support about what deposit methods are available, what the bonus terms are or any other basic stuff that can be displayed on site? It's a waste of yours and their time.

Of course, sometimes, you don't want to go clicking through the T&Cs to find a specific piece of info, so a live chat agent can help there. But a chat with support can usually be avoided with simple, basic and clearly displayed information.

Live Chat Support

If you do, however, need to know something specific, a live chat agent is often your best bet. A casino with a live chat service offers you advantages such as:

  • Personalized assistance - with options available in multiple languages too
  • Quick and efficient response within minutes
  • Live updates and information your query or problem
  • On the spot fixes and problem solving

Top quality casino customer support agents should be friendly, respectful and helpful at all times. On the flipside, you should offer them the same degree of respect they give you.

If things aren't going to your satisfaction, remaining patient and calm but resolute about your complaint is your best way to success. With a great casino customer support system, you shouldn't have to initiate contact with someone further up the customer support chain - but it will be easy to do so if needed.

Email Support

In the case of longer and more complex queries or problems that may need the attention of casino management, you'll usually find email support is the way to go.

If a casino only offers email support - this isn't a good sign.

Anyway, support by email is definitely less convenient. But for longer problems, it's the only way that works. Especially with the international nature of many online casinos!

You should still expect a response in a reasonable time frame. Within 24 hours is a reasonable response time, or faster during working hours.

Social Media

If you really have a problem with a casino, finding them on social media and publicly airing your grievance might just get you results.

Just make sure you have the given the online casino opportunity to fix your problem first. Because 99% of the time they too want to see an outcome that's suitable for you both.

Casinos often have Facebook, Twitter or Telegram as their social media of choice. If customer support does then fix your problem, you might even find exclusive deposit bonuses listed there too!