Behind the Scenes: Gaming Software Providers at Online Casinos

If you've ever wondered what happens the behind the scenes when you play an online casino game - this article is for you!

Creating a shiny slot game that resonates with players is a tough process. Literally hundreds of games are released around the world every week, so it's a competitive market!

If you want to make the best casino games possible, it takes a lot of work. Let's find out what that work looks like!

Casino Game Developers' Processes

This list shows you how an online slot game is made. From the first thoughts to the completed game - this is everything a casino game maker needs to do.

Plan, Research and Design

The first piece of game is usually the theme. This has to be some sort of hook, to get people to click on the game or give it a try.

This could be completely old-school and simple, like a three reel fruits and 7s, all the way up to adventure-game style slots with mission progression or maps and 1000s of ways to win.

Once the theme is decided, developers then look at the mechanics. Will it have three reels, five, or even 1000-plus? What will the bonus rounds be? Will it have just one, or two or more? Will it have a jackpot?

These are all considered, along with the budget for the game. The more prizes, mechanics and features - the more time the coders need to work on it.


Once the general game design is done, including art and symbol design, it's time to put it all together in code.

Coding a simple online slot can take a day or two for a small team, especially if it has tried-and-tested mechanics.

More complicated online casino games can take months or even years to finish coding.


Once the initial code is complete, the game is tested by the developers and real players. (But for fun money of course).

As casino experts we've been fortunate enough to have access to developer's test servers. That sometimes means trying new games months before they're released to casinos!

The testing may OK everything, or it may require some changes.


Behind the scenes of online casino game development, there are a lot of rules and regulations to adhere to. Especially if you're trying new things!

If you want to launch in multiple markets, each one might have some different specifications for slot games. For example, different jurisdictions limit slot functions like:

  • Max bet size
  • Time between spins
  • Bonus round buy-ins
  • Minimum Return-to-Player

If you have a progressive jackpot, that requires more work. Developers have to ensure that they set aside funds to pay the jackpot when it hits, for example.

As well as government regulators, most developers also like to work with third party certifiers. These companies, like E-COGRA, act as an independent mark of certification that a game is fair.


Then, the game is dropped at casinos. You might ask some partner casinos to offer free spins on it during the first week, or to promote it on their main page.

The Future

As online casino gaming becomes more accepted across US markets, and around the world, expect games to get bigger, better and crazier than ever before.

With more competition every day, the heat is on to provide the best experiences. And, who knows when a developer might slip up and put out a game pays out a little too much before they notice it….

So, that's our guide to what it's like behind the scenes of online casino game development. From the start to the finish of a slot game cycle.

Now, why not try some of the finished games at our recommended casinos? Go check them out with a new appreciation of what it takes to make one. And, of course, good luck!