The Lowdown on High Rollers at Online Casinos

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So, you're a high roller. Big ups to you. You worked hard for your money, so now it's time to play hard too!

Don't let yourself down by funding a sub-standard casino.

There are plenty of operators out there with excellent service, who'd love to have you as a customer - even if it means sometimes paying out bigger winners!

Online casinos are also completely secure for high rollers. You can simply bet from your house, without having to take out large amounts of cash (or walk around with chips) at a big casino venue.

But - apart from that, what benefits can they give you? Let's find out, with our expert guide to how high rollers are treated at online casinos!

The Benefits

As you might expect - if you're putting down a lot of cash at an online casino, you'll get treated much better.

In what ways, you might ask? Well for one, the list of online casino bonuses to you is much higher than your average player.

But there are other perks too. For example:

  • High limit tables, especially for live casino games
  • Faster payouts, often given priority over low spenders
  • VIP support or even a dedicated account manager
  • Increased weekly rewards like cashback and comp points
  • Bigger bonuses and promotions

High limit tables require a bigger initial bet, but the payouts can be larger. They're also usually filled with more serious gamblers who understand the game, which is important in something like blackjack.

Once you get up the account reward levels, or just hit high roller status by being noticed by the casino, you might even get sent the odd physical reward in the post. Especially after a big win!

How to Get Them (Online Casino High Rollers 101)

  • Look for high-roller or VIP deposit bonuses
  • Consider messaging support and asking what they can offer
  • Go through the rewards system for automatic bonuses and offers

The fastest way to get high roller status at online casinos, is often through a special higher-tier deposit bonus. Choose one of these, and you'll instantly get the casinos notice.

You could also contact support before you deposit and tell them how much you're willing to put down. This could unlock more bonuses for you before you even start!

Otherwise, check if the casino has a rewards system with tiers or different levels. Simply deposit enough over one or two sessions to hit the third or fourth level in one go, and that will get you noticed by the casino management for sure. And it should give you some automatic rewards too.

If a casino has none of those possibilities, maybe look for a better casino from our list of reviewed options?

Or just deposit a very large amount in one go and wait for a response. But that is, of course, the riskiest way of going about it.

Ideally, you'd like to know what kind of VIP treatment to expect before you deposit a big sum.