Staying Safe and Responsible When Gambling Online

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Gambling online is very safe, respectable and responsible - when done right. Across the world, every day, millions of people have a fun time gambling what they can afford. And, sometimes winning big as well!

But. We all know that doesn't mean things are always like that.

Like in any business where lots of money changes hands, you occasionally get bad actors. That's life!

However, there are a bunch of easy and simple tips that you can take to ensure your safety, security and fun when gambling on the internet.

As experts in the field for decades, we know what it takes to gamble regularly without losing more than you expect or can afford to!

For example:

  • Find trusted sites with good feedback from independent reviewers
  • Set limits and don't chase your losses
  • Pick the best games, with a mix of fun and good RTP or house edge
  • Make sure to use secure passwords

So, that's what you'll get from our guide to responsible and safe online gambling. Let's get into it!

Look for Trusted, Reviewed Casinos

Never put your money down anywhere online, without first having a look to see if it's legit! If you're here, you probably already know that.

Luckily, just as much as you can find the best casino bonuses listed on our site - you'll also find site reviews too.

The best way to work out a trustworthy site is to read expert opinions, like ours. We never recommend a rogue operator, and we always assess each casino fairly.

Which includes pointing out the negatives. Because nobody's perfect, and it's up to you make up your own mind about these things.

You could of course just visit the most well-known names. But, if you do your research, you might find some much more quality online casinos under the radar!

Passwords and Security

This is the same as anywhere online. Make sure to have strong and unique passwords for every site you visit.

Don't be tempted to use your name, birthday or the name of the site for starters.

Some special characters and numbers are usually good too.

Your passwords are nearly always safe with reputable online casinos. But even cybersecurity companies are sometimes vulnerable to hacks - so you can't be too careful!

Don't Chase Your Losses

Gambling online is fun, but losing never feels that good. So - don't be tempted to go back in and load up more cash to try and make that back.

Chasing losses leads to bad decisions, especially in games with elements of skill like poker or blackjack. The word tilt literally came from poker!

So - if you're not feeling a session, log off and come back the next day or week.

It's not like you took a trip to a physical casino, so you can always come back whenever you want.

Set Limits on Your Spend

One way to make sure you don't chase your losses, is to use online casino's tools to limit your daily, weekly or monthly spend.

A great casino should have these options. But, if they don't? You can alternatively use the popular casino payment method of prepaid cards.

These cards let you buy stuff online, but you can only top up via a bank transfer or an offline store. You can also set spending limits on them yourself, regardless of what you're spending on!

Pick Fun but Fair Games with the Best Edge

Lastly, gambling is supposed to be fun! Remember to enjoy it. Sure, you might win - but you also probably won't. So, enjoy the ride (and potential) either way!

One way to make sure you have the best chance of winning and a fun experience is to play top-tier games.

Look for the best global developers and the their highest RTP games for a start.

Also, learning that games like American Roulette have worse odds than European (because of the two zeros) would also be a good idea!