How to register at a sweepstakes casino

Sweepstakes Casinos are amazing in every sense of the word. They offer a fabulous range of Casino games, and all are available for registered players. The best point of all is that no money needs to change hands. Sweepstakes Casino is a new option for players residing in states where online and mobile gambling are illegal. The Sweepstakes Casinos, or Social Casinos, as they are also known, are a way for any registered player to enjoy slots, table games, video poker, and other Casino games using gold coins and Sweepstakes coins provided by the Casino. The sweepstakes coins are used on any of the games and offer more coins and real prizes, including, in some cases, cash rewards or vouchers or nights in hotel rooms and real gifts. The gold coins are for entertainment value only and are used in Casino games; earning enough gold coins can bring the player more sweepstakes coins and lead to more prizes. The concept of the Sweepstakes/Social Casinos is excellent, providing players with a whole Casino experience without the need for any funds to change hands,

Details and Steps for Registration at the Social Sweepstakes Casinos

Although the Casinos are free, players must go through a secure and exact verification and registration process. Players need to submit their name, address, and phone number to register and, in addition, a proof of address. The player is instructed to choose a username and password that will serve as his secure entry to the Casino. And, if the player has any difficulties, the support team is available night and day for the player to chat with, send emails, or call. Sweepstakes Casinos adhere to all the gaming laws, and players are fully assured of total security and safety at the Casinos.