How to Score Big with Free Spins at Online Casinos

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If there was one way to win big on casino free spins, every time? Well, I wouldn't be here writing this, that's for sure. I'd be lounging on a penthouse balcony…

Anyway, back to casino free spins. Just because there's no guarantee doesn't mean there aren't a few steps you can take to give you the best shot of hitting a big free spins session.

So, that's why we wrote this expert guide. We'll show you how to make the most of your online casino free spins experience, including:

  • How to get them and what the best offers are
  • What the best value free spins games look like
  • The best games for the best value and chance to win

So, let's get into our guide to scoring big with online casino free spins!

Getting Yours


There are plenty of ways to get free spins at online casinos. The best sites absolutely love doling them out. Here's a list of deposit bonus options, and more, that can get you free spins:

  • Free spins only offer, after an initial deposit
  • No deposit free spins offer, with only an account required to claim
  • Deposit match bonus cash and free spins offers
  • Loyalty program free spins rewards

The highest numbers of spins usually come attached to deposits, whereas no deposit options are smaller.

What Does a Great Free Spin Offer Look Like

The best online casino free spins offers will have 100 or more spins available.

Some of the biggest options for high rolling players might even go up to 300 or so. However, they're usually attached to a two-or-more-tier deposit match package.

All free spins bonuses will have terms attached. That's just how it is. But a good casino free spins offer will have terms similar to the following:

  • 10x wagering is great, 40x wagering is OK. Anything more than that isn't so good.
  • No time limit is great. A 7-day time limit is acceptable, depending on the size of the offer.
  • No maximum cash out is great. $50 to $100 max cashout is OK as a deposit match term, but perfectly fine on a no-deposit free spins promotion.

A great free spins offer will give you a decent range of slots to choose from to play them on. Very rarely will you find a free spin offer valid on any slot.Most offers will give you one, or maybe two or three games at most. But you do find free spins promotions valid on any slot from a certain developer for example.

Best Casino Free Spins Games

To really make the most of your casino free spins you can do a few things. One, pick a game with a high maximum win potential and decent RTP. Most slots are a tradeoff between consistent smaller wins (low variance) and big win potential (high variance). Try to pick a slot on the higher variance side if you have 50 or more free spins, but the low variance side for 10 free spins or less.If you can't pick a game, consider looking through the various offers and games available to find the best one.You could also look for free spins valid on progressive jackpot games. This is a very small chance, but a free one, to try for the big prize!