Legal Online Casinos Allowing 18+ Year Olds And Up

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The age of 18 is supposedly when someone comes of age and is responsible for himself and his actions. In some countries, the legal age for this is younger; at 16, people can drive, but they can't buy alcohol or play Casino games legally. In these changing times, there are many new laws and ways to enjoy online and mobile Casinos. The USA has legalized gaming in three states and is working towards more approvals. In New Jersey, Texas, and Delaware, all forms of gambling are allowed but from age 21 and above. In many other states, online and mobile gaming is allowed and approved from age 18 and above. Florida, California, Georgia, Idaho, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Oklahoma, Oregon, Puerto Rico, and Washington allow online gaming for 18 and over. Some of the stats offer bingo and poker but not slots.

How to Identify and Keep Player Age Restrictions at Online Casinos

Online Casinos offer information about their licensing, and with that, they offer information on age restrictions. When registering, players must prove their age through multiple steps. Verification is carried out with small deposits and also by uploading ID documents. Without the verification, players cannot deposit or withdraw funds. This is an important note to understand, and where a Casino does not require proper identification, it may be a rogue or non-licensed Casino.

Land-Based Casinos and Underage Gambling

Land-based Casinos in the USA and worldwide require players to show ID and prove they are aged 18 or over. At these Casinos, players can enjoy amazing games but may not be allowed into the high roller areas if they are not 21 or over. Another contradicting fact is that visitors to the online Casino can place bets, but they can't order drinks because the legal age for drinking in the USA is 18. Casinos do their best to keep gaming legal and ensure the safety of players. This includes checking the ages of players and making sure they are legal. One may think that online Casinos have a more challenging job verifying ages, but thanks to technology and the registration requirements, they also take legal and approved players.