The Dos and Don'ts of Casino Etiquette

Casinos have unspoken etiquette on how to get along with other gamblers and dealers. Given that this etiquette isn't written on the entrance, you may not know the do's and don'ts on how to behave in land-based casinos. That said, we're going to cover the biggest do's and don'ts of casino etiquette. After reading this advice, you'll be able to fit in with other players and enjoy the camaraderie while playing blackjack, craps, slots, or anything else.

Do Tip Dealers, Cocktail Waitresses, and Other Casino Employees

No rules demand that you tip dealers and other casino workers. However, tipping is one of the first rules of etiquette and is customary. Sure, some gamblers don't tip dealers, cocktail, waitresses, bartenders, or anybody else. But these are the same people who probably don't tip restaurant waitresses, hairdressers, and parking valets. We suggest tipping $5 for every hour you're at the tables and $1 to bartenders and waitresses. You can even find guidelines for how to tip each type of casino employee throughout the internet.

Don't Use Your Mobile Phone Constantly

Casinos are big on privacy and don't want you taking pictures of other players. After all, not everybody wants people knowing they were in the casino-especially celebrities and high rollers. Employees commonly ask you to turn off your phone when they see you using it. Smartphones allow you to take quick pictures and are a threat to other gamblers' privacy. We're not saying that you cannot sneak texts, social media posts, or phone calls here or there. But you want to avoid being on your phone too much, most notably right in front of casino workers.

Do Learn the Rules for Casino Games You'll Play

You don't need any expertise to play slot machines or even video poker, but table games are trickier. Everything from blackjack to roulette has intricate rules that you should know. Of course, many novices go to tables unaware and need dealers' help to play. This situation isn't against casino policy, but it can be highly annoying for everybody involved when the dealer must walk you through each step. Avoid this problem by thinking about what games you'll play beforehand and learning their rules if you haven't already.

Don't Give Other Players Advice

Most casino table games allow you to give other gamblers tips, such as blackjack, craps, and roulette. But you should hold back your advice until somebody asks for it. First off, some players don't like others telling them how to play hands. Secondly, the casino has policies about not sharing information on certain games. Poker is the best example of this rule because you could gain an edge by looking at another player's cards when helping them out.

Do Learn Etiquette for Specific Casino Games

The general etiquette that we're covering here will get you far. However, you can make yourself the complete likable player by knowing the ins and outs of certain games. After all, some casino games are heavy on etiquette that goes beyond just the generalities discussed here. Craps is the most etiquette-filled game, with other players getting mad if you touch a hot shooter, say "seven" out loud, or throw dice off the table. These are all unspoken craps violations and can supposedly bring back luck to the table.

Don't Drink Too Much Alcohol

You should always avoid drinking too much in the casino because doing so can lead to bigger losses. But another reason to limit the drinks is that you may start becoming annoying. Drunk people can be fun in the casino to an extent, but not when they're berating the dealer, messing up simple rules, and being rude to other players. Perhaps you never have these problems when consuming too much alcohol. But if you have any potential of doing so, be sure to minimize your drinking.

Do Know How to Buy In and Cash Out at Tables

The first thing you want to do when buying into a table game is look at the minimum bet. After all, you don't want to take $50 onto a $50 minimum bet table or your game will be short-lived. Next, give your money to the dealer so you can receive chips in return. Another note, don't ask for larger chip denominations when you're winning big. Some gamblers like to do this, and it's not against the rules, but doing so slows down the game and is annoying to others. Finally, cash out from a game by pushing your chips towards the dealer once a hand is over. Make sure not to shove your chips into a betting circle either to avoid confusing the croupier.

Don't Dress Like a Slob

Casinos vary on their dress codes, with some offering more leeway than others. Nevertheless, you should always dress respectably to avoid any problems in this area. Attire to avoid includes anything with profanity, baggy clothing, basketball shorts, and sports jerseys. We're not saying that these things will be automatically banned at a casino, but you're better off avoiding potential inconveniences. Most casinos post the dress code on their websites or even at their entrances.

Do Know All Essential Etiquette and Have Fun

All the rules covered so far may make it seem like casinos are too strict. However, casino etiquette comes down to commonsense more than anything. As long as you're not getting drunk, violating game rules, offending other players, and wearing stained t-shirts, then you should be alright. Of course, we suggest memorizing the etiquette rules discussed here so that you definitely get along with everybody. You may even want to learn more regarding individual casino games too.