Maximizing Returns with Bonuses

Have you ever wondered if taking home real money from a deposit bonus is possible? What about about making a profit from free spins? And how about free chips? We have the answers you need to maximize your returns on casino bonuses, so read on for details.

Maximizing Match Bonus Returns

While no-deposit bonuses are nearly always in the form of free spins or free chips, we'll start with the most typical form of casino cash, deposit match bonuses. Despite needing to deposit to claim match bonuses, gamblers who know what they're doing can profit from the promo, but first, what -is- a match bonus?

  • Match bonuses, the most frequently available casino promos for new and returning users, increase the player's deposit by a certain percentage. For example, a 100 percent match doubles the bettor's contribution. The caveat, of course, is that each offer comes with a limit. Whether casinos cap 100 percent match bonuses at $100 or $5,000, the promos only match deposits up to a specific amount.

Maximizing deposit match bonuses also requires depositors to pay attention to wagering requirements, best defined as the conditions of claiming prizes they win using bonus cash. Most offers insist on bettors playing through the amount of their bonus multiple times before allowing cashout, and this number should be a deciding factor in whether or not the promo is acceptable. At casinos boasting low wagering requirements, bettors should expect to see playthroughs of around ten times, while those on platforms with standard conditions will find promos with provisions in the 30-times range. Deposit bonuses with wagering requirements of 50 or greater are best to avoid if you ask us, but every player should make their own decision. The other essential consideration bettors must make is cashout limits; after all, the promotion won't seem so generous if it allows bettors to take home only part of a big win. Cashout limits are critical bonus considerations that count toward progressive games, whether slots or other titles. In summary, players who pay attention to wagering requirements, cashout limits, and other conditions will have the most luck maximizing deposit bonus returns.

Using Free Spins To Your Advantage

Free spins often join deposit match offers as part of welcome bonus packages, but the promos also serve as part of returning-player and no-deposit offers frequently. While all free spins have wagering requirements, the type designation of the bonus may determine how high or low they are. Below, learn more about free spins in their most frequently available capacities.

  • When free spins are no-deposit bonuses, the wagering requirements function somewhat differently than other offers. Firstly, no-deposit spins have high wagering requirements: We mean really high. Sometimes as high as 80 or 90 times. However, the wagering requirements on no-deposit spins are on the value of the win.
  • Free spins that join deposit bonuses for new or returning players function similarly to those acting as no-deposit cash. Like with other types of promotions, free play with a match bonus will have lower wagering requirements than those serving as no-deposit promotions. When deciding whether or not to accept a deposit bonus that comes with free spins, remember that the wagering requirements on the free games shouldn't exceed those of the associated offer.

Turning Free Chips Into Cash Money

Nearly identical to free spins in some ways, free chips are unique promotions in others, making them an intriguing option for gamblers. Players will find that freebies are no-deposit bonuses, although they occasionally appear alongside deposit match offers and other promos for returning depositors. Learn more about using free casino chips to grow your bankroll as a new or veteran bettor below.

  • When players read the phrase "no-deposit bonus," they automatically assume it's a free chip and are usually correct. Like free spins, the wagering requirements on free no-deposit chips are exceptionally high; most platforms allow you to track the remaining playthrough balance in your account details, making it easy to follow. Free chips may also exclude some games, including progressives and, often, specialties, but are an excellent way to explore the games available at a casino.
  • The wagering requirements on the deposit match bonus are separate from those on the associated free chip, and bettors must keep track of both if they're available simultaneously. While many of the same bonus terms apply to free chips for new and returning players, the wagering requirements may be slightly lower for veterans. Remember, like all offers, it's crucial to read the terms and conditions of any free chip offer, deposit or otherwise.

Putting Your Knowledge To Work

Whether you're looking forward to match bonuses, free spins, free chips, or a shot at all three, plus cashback, you'll love putting your newfound casino bonus knowledge to work. Now that you know more about maximizing the returns on your casino bonuses, you can find your next favorite platform. Game on.