Understanding Deposit Bonuses: A Guide

Have you ever wondered if a casino bonus is too good to be true? Or whether or not it has genuine cashout potential? And what about those strange numbers in the middle of the promo's rules? When you need the answers to these questions and others, our guide to deposit bonuses is here to help.

Establishing Credibility

The best way to determine whether or not your casino bonus is genuine is to examine the reputation of the platform offering the promotion. While learning about the casino before registering is a solid idea whether you plan to claim a deposit bonus or not, it's vital before a real-money transaction. If you're satisfied with the platform once you've read a few reviews, checked the licensure, and evaluated the promos and payment methods, it's safe to assume the bonus is credible; however, that doesn't make it a good one. Below, you can read more about deciding if the promo you're considering is the one you want.

Understanding Wagering Requirements

Sometimes known as playthrough requirements, wagering requirements serve as the rules of any bonus; these details determine how many times the player must wager the value of their promotion before withdrawing the cash they win from placing those bets. Wagering requirements are why many players distrust online casinos, but the offers' terms are more attractive than in decades past, and the language in the conditions is much more explicit than it once was.

Outrageous wagering requirements, sometimes asking for as much as 100 times the match, are among the peculiar numbers in the middle of a promo's terms and conditions, and the larger they are, the more likely you'll want to avoid them entirely. Reasonable wagering requirements should never exceed 50 times, although we like to see 35 or 40 at the most. Regardless of the numbers you're comfortable with, it's vital to ensure that you know what you're getting into when accepting any offer.

Deposit Promos & Payout Potential

No-deposit bonuses often come with stringent restrictions on how much you can cash out from any offer, but that's not the case with deposit bonuses-or at least, it shouldn't be. Deposit bonuses typically have high cashout limits, making them attractive to gamblers. After all, nothing stinks more than hitting a big win to learn you can't take it home. The best bonuses, of course, have no cashout limits, but those that do should have high ones. Like any other part of a deposit bonus, the max cashout is something to consider and evaluate in the offer's terms and conditions.

Welcome Bonuses vs. Returning Player Promos

Regarding deposit bonuses, casinos have two main classifications: Welcome and returning player promos. Below, learn a bit more about both before selecting the casino and, thereby, the bonuses you'll encounter.

  • Welcome bonuses, not to be confused with no-deposit signup bonuses, are typically generous, exciting promos that allow you to build a bankroll to keep you in the game. While some casinos stick with traditional wagering requirements, others boast low or no options to attract real-money depositors. Welcome bonuses may come with cashback, free spins, chips, or a combination. In addition, welcome bonus seekers should remember that some offers, often called "welcome bonus packages," stretch across two, three, or more deposits.
  • Promotions for returning players may be more inventive than those for new users, as casinos must retain users. Like welcome bonuses, returning player promos feature a lot of match offers, free play, and cashback, but unlike new user offers, these promos tend to be available continually. Finally, VIP and rewards programs offer promotions to active players; while match bonuses and other deposit promos may not occur as frequently as every transaction, the offers are excellent.

Putting It All Together

Understanding deposit bonuses at online casinos seems more challenging than it is, but once you do, you'll love using them to boost your bankroll, extend your gaming sessions, and, if you're lucky, take home the big win. Are you ready to get started? Then, choose your platform and promo to start gaming now. You're going to love betting real money.