The Art of Table Games: An Introduction to Casino Classics

Slot machines may be flashy and dominate most casino floors, but table games have been around much longer. In fact, some of the classic table games are hundreds of years old. If you're tired of pushing the spin button, you may want to try some of the casino classics. We're going to discuss popular table games, live dealer gaming, tips for enjoying yourself at the tables, and how to choose the right game for you.

What Are the Most Popular Table Games?

Plenty of table games have popped up in the past 3-5 decades. But the most-popular games have roots much deeper than this, with histories spanning hundreds of years. The following games boast the perfect blend of popularity and a classic feeling.

  • Baccarat (1.06% house edge) - This game used to only be for the high rollers. However, this situation changed in the late 2000s when mini baccarat and its lower stakes came about. Now, more gamblers have the option to bet on the banker or player hand than ever before.
  • Blackjack (0.5%-2% house edge) - Blackjack has a nice mixture of challenging strategy and a low house advantage. You can take a shortcut to becoming a better player by grabbing a strategy card. Also, you might consider checking out different blackjack variations like Perfect Pairs, Spanish 21, and Super Fun 21.
  • Craps (1.36-1.41% house edge) - This dice game has origins dating back to the game of Hazard, which was played by Crusaders. Craps got a popularity boost in the 1950s, when WW II soldiers who loved street craps began playing it heavily in casinos.
  • Roulette (2.7%-5.26% house edge) - Roulette comes in two variations, including European (37 pockets) and American (38 pockets). The former is better because it only has a 2.7% house advantage (versus 5.26% for American). Some land-based gaming venues and most online casinos feature European roulette.

Other Casino Table Games to Consider

The games in this section aren't quite the classics as those covered above. Nevertheless, they still command plenty of attention on gaming floors.

  • Caribbean Stud (5.22% house edge) - You play five-card poker against the dealer over a series of streets. This game also has an optional progressive jackpot bet.
  • Let It Ride (3.51% house edge) - Each round begins with you laying three bets on the table. You can then remove one or two bets as each of the two community cards are revealed. The goal is to form a better five-card poker hand than the dealer, using your three hole cards and the two community cards.
  • Pai Gow (2.72% house edge) - This game sees you form two hands, including a five-card and two-card hand. You win a bet when winning both hands, tie when winning one and losing won, and lose when losing both hands.
  • Texas Hold'em Bonus (2.04% house edge) - You start rounds by making an ante wager and optional bonus bet. You'll then go through a series of betting rounds as cards are revealed.
  • Three Card Poker (2.01% house edge) - You get a three-card hand and attempt to beat the dealer. You must raise or fold before the dealer has to act.
  • War ( 2.33% house edge) - This simple game revolves around you drawing a higher cad than the dealer. In the event of a tie, you can either fold or go to war (requires a raise).

Enjoy Live Dealer Games

All online casino table games used to be based on software. However, live dealer gaming has come along to provide a more-personal experience. It streams live gaming action from a casino or casino studio. You'll enjoy the land-based gambling atmosphere through your phone, tablet, or computer. Additionally, you can chat with the dealer just like you would at a brick-and-mortar venue. In short, live dealer casinos provide the opportunity to play live classic table games from home or anywhere else.

How to Choose the Right Table Game for You

We've covered almost 10 table games. You may not know where to begin since there are even more options than what we've discussed. It pays knowing how to pick the table game(s) that suits your interests. A few things to consider when picking these games include:

  • House edge (e.g. blackjack has a low house advantage)
  • Strategy (e.g. three card poker) or no strategy (e.g. roulette)
  • Easy (baccarat) or more complex (e.g. craps)

Tips for Playing Table Games

You can improve your experience with table games by following some simple tips. The following advice will help you get more out of these games:

  • Look for table games with low house edges - Your odds of winning improve through games like baccarat, blackjack, and craps.
  • Know which rules & variations are best - Each blackjack table, for example, can have a different house edge due to varying rules. Likewise, European roulette has a lower house advantage than American roulette.
  • Join the rewards program - Many online casinos enroll you in the VIP program after your first deposit and bet. Land-based casinos, however, require you to join their programs manually.
  • Don't just play for comps - While comps are great, they're not worth extending your play. Let rewards come naturally rather than going out of your way for them.
  • Decide between strategic & non-strategic games - You may want stimulating strategy (e.g. Caribbean poker), or you might just want to let luck do the work (e.g. war).
  • Learn the etiquette for your favorites - Each table game can have its own set of etiquette. For example, craps players avoid saying "seven" at the table or touching a hot shooter.

Where to Play the Casino Table Classics

The main two options for playing classic table games include land-based and online casinos. Nothing beats playing in brick-and-mortar establishments due to the sights, sounds, and overall excitement. However, you may not always have time to visit the nearest casino. In this case, you can opt for regular online table games or live dealer tables. Some online casinos have both types, so you can see which version works best personally. In any case, you have multiple options for enjoying yourself at the tables.

Scoop a Table Games Bonus & Start Playing Today

Assuming you opt for online casino table games, then you can pick up deposit bonuses and other promos. Check the bonus terms at any prospective casino and see if regular online and/or live dealer games apply. Table games usually have higher bonus roller than slots due to their lower house edges. Nevertheless, online casino bonuses are still worth pursuing because they can provide extra money on the side of your play.

In summary, table games are available in land-based, online, and live dealer settings. They offer strategic play and usually low house advantages. They're also worth trying if you're bored with playing slot machines.