Fliff Sports Betting

So how can a punter place bets on real sporting events without cash? The answer is Fliff Sports Betting, which is fast becoming the number one online and mobile sportsbook and social sweepstakes site for US players. Players enter the Fliff through the Fliff app, whether online or mobile, and receive Fliff coins to place virtual bets or Fliff cash to participate in the sweepstakes betting and chances to win promotions and real prizes. Money does not need to change hands when joining the Fliff app because more Fliff coins are added every two hours, and sometimes through promotions and good results on the Fliff sweepstakes, which are competitions, players can win Fliff cash.

Easy Pointers to Understand How Does Fliff Work

Members of the Fliff sportsbook and sweepstakes need to be over the age of 18 and must prove it before they can join the app. New players are welcomed to the Fliff app with a massive boost of 600000 Fliff coins and 100 Fliff Cash tokens. Every two hours of betting and login play gives the player more coins and cash, and it is also possible to buy packages of Fliff coins that, by association, offer bonuses of Fliff cash. Fliff legal sales are possible through Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. It is easy to understand what Fliff coins do when joining the sportsbook. The coins are virtual currency and not worth anything, only giving the player chances to bet on virtual sporting events. The Fliff sweepstakes coins allow players to participate in competitions, earn loyalty rewards, receive badges and see their name on leaderboards, or even swap the coins earned for prizes and benefits worth real money. Sports betting options are nearly identical to real-money sports betting sites. It allows Fliff members to work on their sports predictions and enjoy social competitions without spending money.

Full Support for Fliff Members in USA and Bulgaria

Fliff Sportsbook is aimed at the American market and is free in forty-two States and Bulgaria through Google Play and Apple and online app access. The Fliff app is easy to follow and includes online help and support through a ticket system. Players send a message and receive a ticket number which will then be answered within a short period according to the ticket number. It is important to remember, when asked is Fliff real money, that it is not. It is the first social sportsbook to follow in the footsteps of the social Casinos, offering an outlet for following and enjoying sporting events for free and even benefitting from extra bonuses and sometimes prizes. Players who ask how to cash out on Fliff will soon understand there is no cashout, but there are chances to win big prizes when participating in the sweepstakes using Fliff cash.