Free Spins vs. Match vs. No Deposit

Free spins, match bonuses, and no-deposit offers are among the most common forms of casino bonuses, and you'll love learning that many platforms offer all three. While no-deposit bonuses almost always come before players initially fund their accounts and match bonuses after, free spins fit on both sides. It's a little complex to remember which bonuses are which and what that means, but we're here to help. Let's get started.

Free Fun Before The First Deposit

No-deposit bonuses generally appear as free chips, although their value varies vastly. For example, today alone, we've reviewed casinos with $5, $25, and $44 no-deposit chips. Players always have to register an account to claim the offers, and some casinos may not release promotional funds until new users verify their email addresses and mobile numbers. Does genuinely free casino cash sound too good to be true?

The chips that appear as no-deposit bonuses are cost-free to the player, but cashing out, or putting that money in your pocket, isn't as easy as you would hope. Instead, you'll need to meet playthrough, sometimes called wagering, requirements before you can withdraw funds at the casino, and then, only $50 or $100. While it's possible to cash out from a free chip, the idea of the promotion is to give you a taste of what the platform offers. Remember that while a significant win on a no-deposit chip will provide you with the resources to increase your bet and the speed at which you meet your wagering requirements, it will prohibit you from claiming the jackpot you so cleverly obtained.

Matching Your Contribution

Match bonuses are complex for new users, but they're easy enough to understand with little effort. First, let's define the match bonus: It's a promotion offering to "match" your deposit by a certain percentage; while 100 percent is standard, match offers range from the paltry, like 20 or 25 percent, to the outlandish, which may come in at 400 or 500 percent. While you must deposit to claim them, bettors willing to risk the wagering requirements will love these bonuses.

The wagering requirements on match bonuses are an excellent place to begin when deciding whether or not to accept any particular offer. First, determine whether the bonus requires you to meet playthrough obligations on your deposit or just the promotional funds. Players can typically establish the minimum deposit at the same time. Regarding playthrough requirements, bettors should remember that 30 to 40x isn't unreasonable, but 50x and greater are best to avoid. Players should also familiarize themselves with the offer's limitations; for instance, it may have a low maximum cashout or match only to a couple of hundred dollars. We know the terms and conditions of your casino bonus don't make for great reading, but they'll give you the details you need.

Rolling The Reels: Free Spins As Promotions

Free spins often accompany match bonuses or act as deposit bonuses independently, but they also frequently serve as no-deposit bonuses for new players. Below, learn more about how they function in each capacity.

  • Free spins that come as additions to match bonuses are straightforward, and you should identify the wagering requirement on the payouts from those games.
  • When free spins serve as the deposit bonus by themselves, the offers are usually tiered, and players can claim, for example, 50 free games for a $100 deposit, 75 for $110, or some other advantageous combination.
  • Finally, when free spins act as a no-deposit bonus, players will find the wagering requirement applies to the total prize payouts of those unpaid games. For instance, with a 30x wagering requirement and a $10 win from free spins, you must place $300 in bets before cashing out.

It's Time To Find Your Favorite Bonuses

Locating casino bonuses is quick and easy, and now that you know the difference between free slot spins, no-deposit bonuses, and match bonuses, you can select the offers you'll enjoy the most. Are you ready to play? Then start wagering today.